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How to earn money on facebook video monetization 2019

How to earn money on facebook video monetization 2019
How to earn money on facebook video monetization 2019

Hello, friends today I share you How to earn money on facebook video monetization 2019. Now a day people lots of earning by on the platform of youtube video monetization, so now very good news for all the creator’s monetization in the video also available in facebook video all over the world, recently it already started in India.

You can earn money by creating a Facebook page, after creating your FB page you upload your video on your page and then apply for monetization. Along with the video Ad updates, Facebook is launching a “Pre-Publish Brand Safety” feature that lets creators submit videos before they publish them to determine if they are eligible for monetization.

In the past, these were mostly available to a limited set of partners. Now Facebook is rolling out monetization products they are building to a wider audience. Facebook is now giving access to its Ad Breaks program to more creators.

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Apply Facebook Monetization :

  1. Ad Breaks are available to pages that create videos at least 3 minutes in length that have generated more than 30,000 one-minute views over the past two months.
  2. You have need 10,000 followers and meet Facebook’s monetization eligibility standards

Ad Breaks were previously available in Australia, Ireland, New Zealand, the U.K. and the U.S, now available in are French, German, Portuguese, Spanish and Thai. And the new countries are:

  • Europe: Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, and Sweden.
  • Central and South America: Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico and Peru.
  • Asia: Thailand.india

What are Ad Breaks on Facebook :

Facebook Ad Breaks, the social network’s pre-roll, and mid-roll video ads, You can manage ad breaks in Creator Studio. You can use ad breaks in specific videos. Ad breaks help video creators and publishers earn money by including short ads in their video content.

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Upload Video on the Facebook page :

In the Creator Studio, upload a new video by selecting Video from the Home tab. After you have uploaded your new video, you can insert ad breaks by selecting Ad Breaks in the video composer. When inserting ad breaks, also insert your video thumbnail like youtube.

One more thing if you do not want to insert ad by manually Automatic placement is also available.

The payout from Facebook video monetization :

All the earning money of your page, which are monetized, that u collect from facebook audience network feature. where you add your bank detail, also you can receive money via PayPal.

What is the Facebook Audience Network?

Facebook audience networks enable you to show ads on premium publishers via mobile apps and websites. You can use the same creative to reach audiences across a variety of publishers to engage target audiences across the web.

Here we describe How to earn money on facebook video monetization 2019 also eligibility for facebook video monetization.


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